"Concertmaster Jay Zhong excelled in the many violin solos, smooth and sweet even in the most demanding parts..." --- RepeatPerformances,org

"In the popular tone poem "Scheherazade" by Rimsky-Korsakov, notable solos were contributed by...Jay Zhong. Zhong in particular could make his violin project strongly and soulfully from the lip of the stage, where others sometimes founder." ---

“Jay Zhong’s Virtuosity… His reading of Beethoven (was) nimble and unassuming… (His) Prokofiev (was) restrained but incisive and without the bombast that some performers find so irresistible…” ---The Washington Post

“A Chinese solar Jay Zhong dazzles… One wonders: how does he combine such vigor (without vulgarity) with such poetry?”---Le Soir, Brussels

“Sterling musicality… A golden exploration of Brahms… filled with bounty of examined technique, silky vibrato and eloquence."---Pacifica Tribune, California




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